Bow ties standard and customized

With bow ties you have the following options: 

Bow ties: pre-tied model from the standard collection. Both in silk as well as in polyester.

These bows are equipped with a hook closure and are adjustable in size. The fabric is smooth and at the same time strong, so the shape will be maintained. They come in many colors and designs. The bows can be supplied packaged in boxes with a transparent lid or in a protective plastic bag.

Bow ties: self tie models from the standard collection.
Our self tie bow ties consist of two parts and include a hook closure. Both in silk and polyester. Both substances are of such quality that they are comfortable to wear. They come in many solid colors and patterns. If desired, the bows are supplied in a sturdy box with transparent lid.

Bow ties: personalized model.
Think of bow ties in a special corporate color. Customization is possible in both silk and polyester at 100 pieces. Please contact us.