The tie is one of the few accessories for men. Where did the name necktie come from, since when was it worn and why is it still immensely popular?

The word "tie" comes from the French word "Cravate". Cravate derives from the word "Croate". This word refers to the Croatian soldiers who fought as mercenaries in France in the seventeenth century. They wore "mufflers". These were scarves the soldiers got from their women during their farewell. Napoleon made this cravat more popular. 1850's fashion is easier and creates a rough shape of the tie. This is a straight line rigid material but with a four-in-hand knot. A button method that even now is still popular. Jesse Langsdorf in 1926 designed the current elegant tie. His "secret": a tie of three sections cut from a slanted fabric.

The appearance of the tie

Since then, we see the tie in all periods of time. Depending on the fashion scene the tie is wide, narrow, short, long, colorful or sober. Men wore in the eighties of the last century, even 12 cm wide ties! Nowadays, The tie is about 6 cm to 8.5 cm wide. The skinny ties (from the sixties) co-determine the current fashion. Skinny ties are narrow ties with a width of 5 to 7 cm and show more of the shirt.

Wearing a tie

Why is the tie so popular? The answer is simple: hang two suits, five shirts and fifteen neckties in your closet and you can vary endlessly. In addition, you get a certain amount of respect with a tie since a tie gives a professional and well-groomed appearance. The fabric from which the tie is made of, is dependent on the use.

In our assortment of you will find ties in silk and polyester. Silk is a natural fiber. Polyester is made of a synthetic fiber.

For use at exhibitions and business gifts we recommend silk ties. Silk ties give a rich and elegant image. Silk is therefore better for a wedding. Silk ties are more expensive to purchase. Polyester ties are mainly a choice for frequent use, for example in the catering industry, because this material is easier to clean than silk. Please choose your tie color or pattern. Are you a private individual or do you order for a company or association? At you're in the right place to buy your tie.