Tying a tie, how do I do that?

A good tie deserves a good and stylish button. Did you know that there are 77 different tie knots? On our DVD: there are 90 different buttons you can see them all! However, there are a few that are used the most. All knots, however, subject to a few general principles:

Before you place the tie around your neck, put your collar up and make sure the top button of your shirt closed.
If you are right-handed make sure that the wide part of the tie hangs on your right. For left-handed people this is obviously the other way round. Note that the wide end of the tie hangs below the narrow end. It is important that after knotting, the underside of the tie taps the upper part of your belt.
Did you knot the tie and got the right length? Make sure you push the button on the right place. To do this with one hand holding the hind leg of the tie and push the knot gently upwards with the other hand. If you want to have a pleat in the button, hold your finger under the knot before pushing the button in place. The knot must be properly placed in the middle of the board, wherein the node completely covers the top button of your shirt. The upper board edge should be fully covered

Read more about the three most commonly used knots: the Windsor knot, Half Windsor knot and the four-in-hand knot.