How to create a four-in-hand knot?

The four-in-hand node, also called knot, is a narrow, discrete, light asymmetrical button. This knot is particularly suitable for wide ties of a heavy fabric. Do you have a shorter neck? Choose the four-in-hand knot. Because the node freely rises narrow, the neck looks longer. If you compress the knot, wide ties get narrower. Would you just like to give some volume to a narrow tie, you can stretch a bit tangled. Follow the steps below, watch the accompanying video, and lay the perfect four-in-hand knot.

Place the tie around your neck. Ensure that the wide end hangs lower than the narrow end. Cross the ends close to the neck, the wide end wide.
Remove the wide end behind and then return wide.
Bring the wide end up and pull it through the loop you just made. Push the button in place and make it tighter if necessary.
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